The Norwegian XM Club was started January 2000. The webpages are unfortunately for people outside Norway in Norwegian only, but the club can of coarse be contacted by e-mail for questions, discussions and possible cooperation.

The club works for several benefits for the members such as:
discount on XM parts, service, insurance, gas/petrol/diesel
tours and meetings for the members and their family
building a do-it-yourself library for cutting repair costs
cooperation with other Norwegian Citroen clubs

For non-Norwegian visitors we can tell you the "interesting" slogan used introducing the XM in Norway! An attempt to translate it to English would be like:  "For the costs developing Citroën XM, we could have straightened out the 500 km E6 between Oslo and Trondheim - the effect would have been approximately the same" To this should be added that this road is definitively not straight!

On our own webpages since March 9th 2000.
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